Competition with ourselves (how overcome from it)

Writing is an art. People write about many things and they are appreciated for that. Today just I am trying to write about this topic. There are some thoughts which are coming in my mind if you like please appreciate me. Competition word is not strange for us we all know about it. But whenever we talk about it, a thought comes in our mind that is competition with other.

Here I will not write anything about it. Today’s topic “competition with ourselves” is very important to improve ourselves.

Here you will know which things can be compete and who are competitor.

1-Competition with our previous work

We should competition with our past work and performance, try to know how much are we improving our personality. Present task should be better than past so you can say that you are doing competition with your previous work. That is human tendency that people don’t want to improve their task performance but they blame on other for that.

Day to day life we have to try to improve our task performance doesn’t matter how much but try for it.

2-Competition with our bad habits

Bad habits are big barriers to be success. We should skip them. There is something to do competition. It is challenge for you to skip bad habits. If you do this you success rate will be increase. Here I will tell you about some bad habits……

  • Smoking and alcohol
  • Too much use of mobile
  • Late sleep late rise
  • Negative thinking
  • Criticize other
  • Not to be social

3- Competition with our laziness

How much lazy are we? We should know about it. Sometimes we lost important opportunity due to it. We missed the golden chance and repent later. Do competition with it and try to be active, definitely there will be a revolution in your life and your thoughts, way of thinking and working style will be changed.

4- Competition with our knowledge

It is totally about our skill. How much are we improving our skills? And really are we doing work on it. Remember one thing; it is only your skill and knowledge which makes your valuable. Try to be unique among the people. Earning is also depend on skill, if you earned a particular amount in past and same amount in present, it means you are not work on skill. Don’t try to compete other because people start to hate you, compete yourselves you will get success.

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